This computer controlled machine, with abbreviation referring to Computer Numeric Control, will create necessary tooling with precise diameters and depths. It is a basic process controlled by a single-point cutting technique. This technique makes it possible to manufacture tubular metal components of various sizes.

The tooling that is manufactured at Premier Metal Works Inc. is to ensure the quality of the product you wish to generate. With a machine that has such precision in creating accurate tooling, you can be assured your products’ component pieces will suit your specific needs.

Premier Metal Works has a competitive advantage with the ability to reach and benefit their customers. The company has the tooling necessary to create individual needs with this kind of machinery.


General CapabilitiesIndustry FocusIntended ApplicationMaterialsTolerance
BoringBeautyJob ShopAlloys0.001
KnurlingMedicalCarbon Steel
MillingRailroadCast Iron
PolishingSteel IndustryCopper
ReamingStainless Steel
TurningTool Steel
Various Metals

Additional Information

Coordinate Measuring (CMM)CAD/CAM CapabilitiesFile Format AcceptedAdditional Services Provided
Our Brown and Sharpe Coordinate Measuring Machine allows quality assurance by measuring as close to 50 millionths of an inch. As a customer, you will always receive great accuracies in the dimensions of your product.Computer Aided Drafting and Computer Aided Manufacturing make it possible to create a component part before physically manufacturing it. Premier Metal Works will design the part, while considering the dimensions and material, with the use of this computer program. This technology and technique creates faster production time and distinct accuracy. By using Computer Aided Drafting and Manufacturing, the costumer can foresee the outcome of their component part before committing to hundreds of parts.Among othersCAD/CAM Design Capabilities
We measure:AutoCAD (DWG)
Machined partsGIF
Drawn partsJPG
Dimensional measurementMasterCAD
Profile measurementSolidWors
Angularity or orientation measurementSurfCam
Depth mapping
Digitizing or imaging
Shaft measurement