In many cases, it is difficult to find a company that can offer solutions to your needs, create a customized die, and provide the physical part for purchase. Premier Metal Work, Inc. has a complete tool room, in addition to a large plant housing several deep drawn machines. Premier Metal Works can craft custom dies which result in parts specific for your product. Our respectful stock of dies may also provide a financial benefit to your project.


Premier Metal Works, Inc. is a family company, opened in 1928 by Andrew E. Michyeta, Sr. Originally serving one customer, the company soon grew by serving Original Equipment Manufacturers. The parts were created by using metal spilling and the drawing process to manufacture seamless metal components.


As a family company, Premier Metal Works, Inc. strives for excellence and still uses the drawing process. Andrew E. Michyeta, III is committed to giving customers the best possible value. He wants his customers to identify Premier Metal Works as dependable, personable, and devoted to enhancing processes and products. As far as that production, Premier Metal Works also maintains the ability to manufacture large, deep, seamless components in small quantities; another convenient value for their customers.

Quality, Accuracy, Diversity

Premier Metal Works, Inc. manufactures an inherent portion of the customer’s product. The accessible machinery creates tools which can form your component parts from flat sheet metal. This kind of process individually services you, the customer. Premier Metal Works’ Brown and Sharpe Coordinate Measuring Machine allows quality assurance by measuring as close to 50 millionths of an inch. As a customer, you will receive great accuracies in the dimensions of your product.

With a complete tool room facility, you will find Premier Metal Works, Inc. can service a broad range of needs. The company has previously manufactured component parts for

  • Varied Home Appliances
  • Railroad Equipment
  • Photography Housings
  • Varied Lighting Components
  • Filters
  • Medical Equipment
  • Food Processing Equipment

As a proud American Manufacturer, the company has also manufactured parts in support of every war effort America has participated in since World War II.